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Photo by Blueberry Maki, sourced from Unsplash

This past year has been a roller coaster, and our lives continue to evolve as the pandemic wears on. Health, career, school, social, and business activities have all changed. Even as we return to previous events, they may look different than before.

The changes the coronavirus pandemic has caused can bring on big feelings: anger, elation, frustration, sadness, disappointment, depression, relief, and anxiety. How do we handle these emotions and support ourselves and our kids so we can function in this new normal?

Support people by acknowledging their emotions, involving them in the planning process, being transparent, and providing resources.

Attending school remotely is challenging for many kids. However, I hope these simple project management techniques may help them turn things around.

Student looking at computer screen during remote school.
Student looking at computer screen during remote school.
Photo by Thomas Park, sourced from Unsplash

A 14-year-old high school freshman, who’s my son’s basketball coach until team practice resumes, recently illustrated the power of project management to turn grades around.

As we all know, remote schooling has been difficult for both children and parents. As he and I talked about how school was going, he shared that like many students his grades were dropping too.

He said that part of the problem was keeping track of all his assignments from different teachers. This…

Part-time schedules for many jobs could be a positive solution for both employers and employees during the pandemic.

Parenting in the Pandemic

Working parents are struggling during the coronavirus pandemic. Childcare is limited, most school and extracurricular activities are online, and parents still need to work. It is physically impossible to be a teacher, child-care provider, coach, and employee full-time — at the same time. There are only 24 hours in a day, and depending on how old your children are, caring for them could be an 18-hour job. Parents are losing sleep and not feeling successful at any of…

Do you want to do something productive and positive with your family time during quarantine? Try team-building activities that will help family members understand each other better and feel connected. The goal of team building is to learn how to work together through shared experiences. These shared experiences help people accomplish things together in an enjoyable way which lays the groundwork for successfully completing other things as a group, like chores.

Mother and child kayaking on a lake
Mother and child kayaking on a lake

Team building is especially helpful for newly blended families after remarriage or adoption, and can also be useful as your kids get older to stay connected. Team building can…

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